Crinum asiaticum white flowers - "Etched glass" of prostate hypertrophy

Crinum asiaticum white flowers has been used a lot in traditional medicine. But not everyone knows white Crinum asiaticum is also considered the killers of disease (also known as fibrous tumors) prostate. Today thanks to the development of science, many studies have learn and demonstrate uses of this plant. Crinum asiaticum white flowers or General of the Army (Crinum asiaticum) white is the common tree species from North to South. All parts of the plant are used to make smoking (fresh or dried). The research by scientists in Japan and South Korea, as well as scientists in the country have shown very satisfactory results on the effect of Sun-white flowers.

Crinum asiaticum white flowers - Etched glass of prostate hypertrophy

Special subject "research effects of sunny tree white flowers (Crinum asiaticum l.) on prostate disease" of Dr. Naik operate from 2001 to 2008 concluded: Crinum asiaticum white flower has the effect of relieving benign hypertrophy of prostate on up to 35.4%. Crinum asiaticum's white flowers are inflammatory the side very well, have the ability to do u seed weight to 25.4%. To help readers better understand the medicinal plants, the Group reporter had an interview with TS. Naik Function-a medicinal expert Vietnam. The following is the content of the interview:

Please share why trees flower white Crinum asiaticum to conduct research? Choosing white Crinum asiaticum is derived from myself. In 2000, I was diagnosed suffering prostate fiber u. After that, I was telling a friend for smoking Crinum asiaticum white flowers work well with this disease. After using the drug article, I found the symptoms are reduced. See no positive results, I continue to use the extended illness seen so much better. From there, I'm new to register and conduct research Crinum asiaticum trees white flowers. Project study Crinum asiaticum trees white flowers.

He has conducted the subject "research effects of Crinum asiaticum tree white flowers on prostate disease" for how long? I have studied the trees flower white Crinum asiaticum within 8 years. The subject was started in 2001, by the year 2008, the trials. It is a long process consisting of many small studies such as research chemist, identified the primary active ingredient, toxicity studies, pharmacological research, research reviews the effects of Crinum asiaticum white flowers on the cardiovascular, nervous, blood pressure, study manufactures and produces the drug.

Many readers want to ask there should use the Crinum asiaticum white flowers or not, and how? Crinum asiaticum white flowers can drink fresh pickled leaves way, if drinking water colors then the efficiency will drop by the main active substances dissolves in water at least. Also, use white Crinum asiaticum overdose can lead to undesirable effects is causing vomiting and intense. So to use the right dose and limit the effects of irritation causing nausea, I have also pointed out in the subject the way manufactured and extracted in the form of industrial plants.

Scroll to "intercept" sub of the night due to prostatic hypertrophy of an instrument he simple, effective

I met uncle Pinky last one-way down Coast. Qi Hole Township countryside fields, Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc Province stretches under sunshine tranquil afternoon. filtering on the bike pile, picking we take the top of the village. I see your doctor bloom mikumari, radiant smile of a retired at the age of nearly 70. I saw walk a familiar way of life, the warmth of the people of this plain countryside. Doctor lead us home, tree-house from the old rural culture Phu Tho. We begin by the story many years fighting against the US's juicy. Wartime illness, deprivation is but you still pass. So that, in time of peace to my life full enough, children parties had at uncle saw frustrated by many age old disease, including prostate fiber U-nasty disease is common in older men.

"Very often the elderly sick, 3 years ago I was a minor. Each night and wake up about 3-4 times are considered as formal white "Uncle confided. Once the overall exam November 2015 year sound waves, doctors discovered the tumor have fiber in the prostate. The tumor but not dangerous but pinched the urethra and the bladder cause minor symptoms, rắt night, many times. At that tumor size was 60 grams. Doctors suggested surgery but you don't want to touch cutlery should apply for drug treatment. Time after the disease more severe, your doctor is more evidence the U.S. són, plenty of natural flows at urine pants not self-reliance causes smell, very uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Know about her illness, mind your doctor always dare not go negative. Moreover, due to wake up more each night should your doctor be lack of sleep. Circulatory disorders disease brain should therefore also heavier. Symptoms are dizziness, headaches caused your doctor have time hospitalized, Yen Lac district treatment. "In General, I was regarded as the health body collapsed" Uncle sighed. Once at the pharmacy in General Hospital Alone, uncle introduced new products containing white Crinum asiaticum. Your doctor find out more then the white Crinum asiaticum is known to have been Dr. Naik Research Activities into Ministry and are proven to work very well up for prostate disease. Pharmacist advice you should try it because so many patients around the region were used and reflected very effectively. Convinced before benefits from the plant Crinum asiaticum, advance purchase 2 boxes of products extracted from plants of Crinum asiaticum.

Your doctor does not know that Charm, that is also at his prostate illness find way out. Two weeks after drinking, minor symptoms, rắt night fell away dramatically. Your doctor assured next. From that moment, brownie, would you go Super Sonic once. "The first month fibrous tumors of the prostate does not grow to more, still is 60 grams. The next month the continuous reduction of tumor size ". Before the surprise effect of precious trees "I planted Crinum asiaticum white flower pot permanently after the home a souvenir" – Uncle led us out to take advantage of the following garden plants pots, excitedly.

To June the year 2016 after 6 months of use, persistence in ultrasonic wave in the end Uncle doctor Coast inference: the size of the prostate also 20.5 g normal. Uncle happy'll not. That is not yet in need of touch cutlery, prostate surgery has fallen about as normal dimensions. Minor symptoms last night, the U.S. rắt also have no more. * Doctor met who also recounted this story like a miracle. Many people around the region knew Uncle off U prostate fiber longer bike ride to the House asking for the experience. Your doctor care advice they use products containing white Crinum asiaticum dose 4 capsules/day and a 30-minute meal before drinking. More particularly, those are introduced are surprised when minor symptoms, rắt night was no longer; fibrous tumor size also decreased dramatically!

When the night is no longer 3-4 times wake, sleep and deeper, the circulatory disorders of brain surgeon no Charm. Seen in good health, I don't doubt has overcome many diseases. Physician humor: "unbelievably white Crinum asiaticum tree planting in the garden the House has good effects. Solve this disease regarded as solved half of sick old age! Now, I have eaten, slept, cheeks rosy because no longer worry U prostate fiber! ... "

The gentleman suddenly improved and most of the minor only night thanks to this tip

It seems like the more modern life, filled with enough people then more problems to worry, especially health. As the election's single each night to wake 3-4 times to go to the bathroom, sleep is not circular, the health problem, mentally tired making out well. This must be bad "accidentally" of not a few gentlemen, in which Uncle Nguyen Quoc Thai. Thai year has 50 years of notes and working in urban environmental company in Ho Chi Minh City. During a visit at the organ, I was the doctor concluded prostate hypertrophy with size 36 grams. However, because the symptoms have not yet manifested clearly and busy work should pay attention not to care much about the disease. A few months later, I saw in person, minor, minor rắt night status began to appear. Sometimes, the U.S. sharply at a new stand. Although must drink more Western medicine but only reduce symptoms and relapse. Health is therefore also weakens more or less.

Just a short time later, the tumor size increased to 46 grams makes paying attention worry really. Urination disorders symptoms appear constantly. Because of going to bed late every night to get up to 2-3 times meant paying attention never asleep. Physiological function well so that also affected. "A year ago people paying attention to the poor tired spirit. Perhaps the form man decline, body fatigue, weakness xìu. Time no desires ... "-Note confided. Also because she doesn't want the House to worry, I just silently taking drugs with the hope of returning to health. But many months have passed, the condition is still not over.

Once up, you read the news network is to know about new products extracted from the white flowers of Crinum asiaticum. The product has been Dr. Naik Work demonstrated in the topic "study of the effect of Crinum asiaticum tree flowers in a white fibrous tumor prostate". Find convincing: "pay attention through the right side thanks to buy products on trial". After several months, you see the U.S. more pleasant, the U.S. no longer strong, not push every time. Pay attention to the next dose of reassuring 4/day. After more than a month with regular dose, the status of the U.S. overnight, the U.S. rắt's uncle had lessened considerably. Note calling up the switchboard reflecting health status shall be recommended expert from 3-6, to get the best results.

According to experts, I continue to use the original notes: "a member, after the morning drinking 2-noon-pm, later on 2 maintenance staff drinking normally. On 30 May the same occasion surprise score periodically health companies, thanks to the doctor here is the conclusion: the prostate was not large, and 23 gram. Uncle excited! ". That is less than 3 months, my prostate has 46 grams of normal Word contraction. Minor symptoms last night, rắt is no longer that physiological function is also improved. At this new Center, uncle to his wife the truth about previous health status. Luckily, I get the feeling she's home in all aspects in life. Confided to us, attaching humor: "uncle in walking mode associated with the ingestion of products from Crinum asiaticum white flowers make people feel normal and healthy. Now, I can sleep a circuit to 6-7 the morning that is no longer up the minor. You get the feedback form these three years...! "

Major General only using Western herbal "intercept" sub of the night due to prostatic hypertrophy

"White rice water in Tho. Anyone go to that don't want to go... ". Ninh Kieu windswept nestled thong dong River Late hazed. Southern capital "go ahead later on". War pass away later, but rise to economic development, maintain stability on Defense-Security. In it, can not without the help of the tool Outdoor labor diligently. Former major General Ho Viet Trung is also one of them. The work in the military has more than 40 years, the former Brigadier General is the Chairman of the Central Plains military region political 9. At the age of 61, he still regularly fitness, but some sick old age makes health no longer wiry as before. Typical symptoms for prostate hypertrophy did he worry long.

In the periodic health examination in 2012, he was diagnosed with a mild form of this disease. At the time, the symptoms did not appear clear. In 2013-2014, he has used through products extracted from Virgin tree Palace. But after a time, the tumor grows to more and no signs of remission. To 2015, the status of the U.S. rắt, u.s. pumpkin begins to clear. A night and wake up to 4 times cause he couldn't sleep. Moreover, the phenomenon of primary interrupted do every time he went away very inconvenient. "The new disease sufferers know how miserable. Go long paragraph 60 km have to visit along the way to 1-2 times "-he confided. It is also at the tumor was growing to the size 53x44x49mm, equivalent to 57gram. There were times he was the doctor and friends advised surgery. But it does not want to touch cutlery so he decided to treat with medication.

Once up the network to learn about the disease, he convinced two categories of products. A type of production by Vietnam and a kind of United States of America. Vietnam's products are developed under the subject "research effects of Crinum asiaticum tree white flowers up prostate disease". The subject by Dr Naik is the active-former Deputy Central Institute of pharmaceutical research. The work prove: the White Army of General plants have the ability to reduce prostate fiber U up to 35.4%. See the research, scientific and manufacturing processes fact use of many patients, he bought about the trial. He thought the belly: "otherwise the effect will send buying drugs from the US about".

So that's real surprise, minor symptoms, rắt night fell away dramatically after 3 months. Tumor size has continued to shrink from 53x44x49mm, equivalent to 57 g to 38x41x49mm (i.e. approximately 35, 8 pm). Although not yet run out of material for the 6 months but he was able to go from Rabbit out of Saigon on the way near 150km that conveniently. The number of times to get up at night also only once. He excitedly said: "I very excited, now I can feel my self in the gentle, more comfortable".

Although the size of the tumor and symptoms of the disease have fallen more, but at this former major general Central persisted in use to bring back normal prostate and relapse prevention. He also passionately sharing the recipes for the same ones his disease and recommend they use products from plants Crinum asiaticum in 6 months. For him, get good sleep, better and go away no longer inconvenience is great joy. He hoped that in the future, the study of drugs South effectively as Crinum asiaticum white flowers will touch more popular Vietnam Vietnamese consumers!