High risk prostate cancer when the night shift

According to research by scientists at the University of Quebec said that if the men working on the night shift increases the risk of prostate cancer is three times more than those working day shifts. This information is quite helpful especially for the male audience. High risk prostate cancer while working the night shift. Scientists at the University of Quebec has just conducted a study shows men working night shift prone to prostate cancer. These people also have higher rate of suffering bowel, bladder and Lung Tumors as well as a higher risk of getting certain kinds of cancer. The study included 3137 males had a diagnosis of cancer and is compared with 500 other men don't get sick.

High risk prostate cancer when the night shift

The researchers found that working the night shift making increased nearly 3 times the risk of advanced prostate cancer and twice the risk of colon cancer in men. The workers working the night shift also increased 76% risk of lung cancer and 70% risk of bladder tumors compared with people who work on shifts. At high risk for cancer of the prostate, bladder and bowel in people working the night shift at least 10 years. Working the night shift is said to be harmful to the body due to the inhibition of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain that helps regulate when we sleep and when we wake up. Each year, in the UK there are nearly 40,000 American was diagnosed with prostate cancer and 10,000 men were dying from the disease (i.e. for 1 hour passed with the man he was dying from the disease). Meanwhile, each year there are about 41,000 people he also had colon cancer diagnosis, in which 1 half of American men. Research results are published in the journal American Journal of Epidemiology.

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"The shield" excellent prostate protection

Prostate is considered important parts not only with men's health in General which also affect sexual health. It not only ensures good health but also guaranteed for life bedding always "solved". So notes prostate protection, protective role will do well to avoid the hurt of the prostate for men.

-In love with regularity. Research shows that people who "love" too many in a short time are at risk for prostate inflammation up to 89.7%. Who is too similar to "Save".

-Eat more tomatoes. The research of Harvard Institute on 470,000 men showed those who eat more tomatoes cleaning, boil for (coffee spoon 10/week) have the prostate cancer rate is lowest.

-The outdoor Stadium. The pressure of life affect the prostate very well so health training, sports outdoor exercise will help strengthen resistance and improves blood circulation in the prostate.

-Eat foods from soy. The survey showed that Japanese men have infant mortality rate due to disease progression listed low than men in America 5 times. Scientists believe that it is because the Japanese eat more low-fat foods, more fiber and soy dishes such as tofu, soy milk ....

-Check periodically. From age 50 onwards, men should go to the hospital to check the rectum and the prostate. If your family has a history of prostate cancer should start checking from the age of 40.

-Be careful of supplemental products hormones. The amount of hormones testorerone soar through the digestive tract associated with tumors and prostate hypertrophy should therefore carefully when using these products.

-Stay away from bad habits. Living habit is not justified as sitting for longer, drink more wine, not resting, working right now ... all increase the risk of prostate related diseases.

The secret to maintain the backbone of age drivers pm

For men, the intensity was great interest because it not only reflected the "men" in sexual activities but also signals about their health. So how to maintain backbone when age is stepping steadily on the cab driver? Along the track contents below.

- For older men, sex is the game requires the wait. After ejaculation, sexual desire of a man can take up to several hours or even a few days could "reach the top" again. This is called discharge phase and may not excite to get one more bout the next orgasm. This period started with the arrival immediately and simultaneously of two kinds of chemical messengers-adrenaline and endorphin. In it, the adrenaline causes the arteries in the penis shrinkage, limiting blood flow to pack to the penis and currency; also endorphin creates feeling of calm. To the end of the period, when two other chemicals until the end, tapered body is beginning to produce nitric oxide, which helps to loosen the circuit and allowing the blood accrues "boy" when it is stimulated and the subject feel "hot" in person. The discharge period can range from 1 minute to a boy of 16 years and last up to 1 month for 90 years old, but generally it will stretch when the old men go. If the discharge gap than the stage in a short period of time, it may be due to stress or reduced the amount of testosterone. And the main solution is the treatment of this pathology.

- Sleep plays an important role with respect to the ability to "battle" of gentlemen. During sleep, our bodies will expedite the process of maintenance and repair of all cells and tissue, including, in the genitals. Throughout the night, a normal man will spent countless times erection "small boy", the phenomenon is considered essential to the health of the tissues impact the penis. This process occurs in the sleep stage REM (rapid eye motion) at the end of a sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes in adults. We have 4-5 cycles in such a healthy night's sleep and often wake up during REM, which is the reason why men often undergo erectile condition in the morning. The scientists discovered, the men declined, or loses the erectile automatically at night will have difficulty in maintaining the status of "hero" for "courageous boy" when you wake up. The issue of this form may be derived from a sleep cycle is interrupted (due to the sleeping pill or night shift). Men no longer automatically erectile in the morning may have to visit a doctor, especially if it comes a problem about achieving and maintaining erection status of "little boy" when irritated.

- Psychotherapy can spoil moments of sublimation. When a man is worried about the possibility of "" when "Forestry" battle, it will start a process to cause harm. The fear of failure means, instead of relaxing, he will become tense, activate the produces adrenaline impeded. More failures, more men try eluded "it", causing increased fears and desires, then slump. Lack of sexual desire will lead to the reduction of the amount of the hormone could keep capital goods Queen roles stimulate the testes secrete testosterone. Pituitary will secrete the hormone can Prince turns whenever people do "it" should not "," If the brain would reduce the production of this hormone. The process can last for months or years, but eventually can lead to less continuous than erectile, increased the worry of chemistry.

According to experts, the use of pharmaceuticals, such as Beta blockers can help improve this situation because they help hinder the activity of adrenaline.

"Beard" should check the prostate when 45 years old

According to the results of a group of Swedish researchers claimed that: all men age 45 too have to take regular tests for prostate cancer, according to the BBC. The Swedish biologist reported that through the work of the test all the men aged 45-49 years showed about half of the cases of prostate cancer can go to death. To prove his point, they've done a clinical pilot study in the years from 1974 to 1984 have the participation of the people between the ages of 27 21,277 to 52. The researchers compared the data with the blood tests to diagnose index thanks to PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen).

The examination in the 45-49 age group shows that nearly half (44%) who was the conclusion is to have the disease are fatal. Among the men surveyed 1,369 people suffering from prostate cancer, in which 162 people died of this disease. The scientists said that all the men between the ages of 45 to 50 to undergo mandatory tests. The test results are the PSA index at a high level the need to continue to do the other diagnosis to assert more and if necessary to the treatment. However, many experts still doubt this advice because they said that tests for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) still is not sure evidence to identify a person with Cancer Dr. POOJA listed or not.