Prostatitis and risk causing infertility

Prostatitis and the risk of infertility. Prostatitis can cause infertility in men. Such is a men's disease, usually occurs in young people with 3 possible is common: prostatitis (KIEP) acute, chronic and KIEP KIEP not caused by bacteria.

Prostatitis and risk causing infertility

The cause. Acute bacterial usually KIEP gram (-), the most common is Eschérichia, then the Proteus vulgaris, klebsiella, pneumocoque, entérocoque ... the way of transmission: the bacteria break, mainly by way of the urethra, usually happens after sex or after the UTI tricks (such as nong, urethra or detectors placed pipes save ...). The bacteria into the prostate under very little blood lines meet.

Symptoms of the disease. Sick prostatitis has 3 possible: prostatitis: Prostate swelling to urine, turbid, accompanied by diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus and rắt had a small pinch when diabetes mellitus is hard. The high fever of 38-390C, buses run. Leukemia and ESR are inflated. Rectal probe is feeling hot, press on the prostate is very painful. Urine test: Beach head, urine, pus in urine, then the beach but in the end, if for the finger in the rectum massage prostate then rubbing the urine, cloudy pus flow out and available. Acute chronic infections: Chronic prostatitis is usually a complication of acute or chronic Elf bag can following the prostate capsule. The cause is usually due to the most recent save ducts, urethra dilatation with tools, sometimes due to inflammation of the urinary tract spread to directly but note is due from the infected drive as far as the inflammation of the tooth foot LaTeX, ENT, sinus inflammation, bronchitis ...

There are also due to some favorable conditions such as excessive sexual stimulation or masturbation ... Common bacteria are Staphylococcus (50%), Streptococcus > and intestinal bacteria. Prostatitis often causes only romantic discomfort like pain lower and perineal, premature ejaculation, diminished sexual desire or some urinary symptoms such as: minor mót, rắt diabetes mellitus. Prostatitis is not caused by bacteria usually do: allergies, due to immune factors, led by chemicals, due to the psychological and sometimes not find the cause. Symptoms of Chronic prostatitis and all tests are not found the bacteria which just saw unusually high increase of leukemia in the room try. Notes search leukemia in urine and prostate.

Prostatitis causes infertility is due to: the change of components of semen, when the prostate is inflamed, often exist in the inflammatory cells, bacteria, bacterial toxins and metabolic substances flow into the semen. The bacteria survive and bacteria will digest the large amount of oxygen and nutrients in the semen, making the activity of sperm is affected. Since it affects the fertility of men, change the amount of PH in the semen. Usually the semen alkaline. When infected prostatitis, PH increases makes the alkalinity in the prostate changes is not conducive to the development of sperm. Semen viscosity increase, when inflammation of the prostate, the activity in the room discount or reduce prostate secretion, increased coagulation factors relative to the activity of the sperm.

Magic white Crinum asiaticum cancer resistance

Crinum asiaticum white flowers or White Army General (Crinum asiaticum l., Amaryllidaceae) is common across from North to South. Easy to grow plants and to collect bigger pharmaceutical productivity many times (about 6 times) than Virgin (Crinum latifilium l.). Can cancer resistance? The research showed the intimacy of the chemical composition (alcaloid) and anti-inflammatory effects, virulent cells of two kinds of medicinal herbs. However, the full content of alcaloid and lycorin of Crinum asiaticum large white flowers than Virgin (Crinum latifolium l.). Thus, white Crinum asiaticum can be used replacing Virgin medicinal Imperial Palace.

Crinum asiaticum white flowers easily confused with the Virgin Queen. In 2001, the author of Japan and South Korea have studied and isolated from ethyl acetate extracts in the high segment methanol Crinum asiaticum var. species Rhizome japonicum are 3 alcaloid phenanthridine derivatives and a flavan by chromatography methods combined. 3 criasiaticidin, which is pratorimin and alcaloid lycorin. All three of these are alcaloid cause cytotoxic and antitumor activity in vivo. Of phenanthridine, an alkaloid Lycorine-related lycobetaine, also was found to have lung cancer tissue resistance effects possible large cell (large cell lung carcinoma) LXFL529 and Lewis lung cancer (LLC) (for the second case, E [D.sub. 50] = 0, 5 mg/mL). This was tested in vivo on the BDF-1 mouse cells transplanted LLC under the skin. After two weeks of treatment with 10 mg/kg dose of lycorine, shows the resistance to cancer, the rate limit is 80.5% cancer on November 19. (Limited rate of cancer is calculated by the percentage of average cancer cells block the group treated in the cancer cells block the Group's average is tracked).

In this time, Chen and associates that research on their alcaloid Virgin (Crinum latifolium) and Crinum asiaticum (Crinum asiaticum) has white flowers isolated 12 alcaloid from Virgin the yellow and white flowers of the Crinum asiaticum alcaloid from 6. The research group has active survey of Crinum asiaticum alcaloid white flowers and Royal virgins-are antibacterial, antifungal and very strong inhibition effects 3 cancer cell line Hep-G2, is RD and FI. In another study, Phan T Paint and associates have also announced the results of the ancaloid study from Crinum asiaticum white flowers and trees define the lycorin content of this species is quite high. The author has surveyed active and toxic ancaloid cells from the white flowers of the Crinum asiaticum.

In 2001, the Institute of medicine has started research on plants Crinum asiaticum white flowers (the subject level in 2001-2002). In 2003, the Institute of medicine has implemented Ministry "of research plants Crinum asiaticum white flowers (Crinum asiaticum l.) do cure benign prostate hypertrophy". The subject done in 3 years (1/2003-12/2005). In 2006, the subject was checked and is exceptional. Under which: Crinum asiaticum white flowers over the Virgin the yellow bows on productivity and material collection full of alcaloid as well as lycorin content. Alcaloid concentration fluctuation under the low ecological region. Thus, plant Crinum asiaticum white flowers so there are advantages to develop the material. The white flowers of Crinum asiaticum full alcaloid high (0.97%), higher than average Virgin (TB 0.49%) and red flower Crinum asiaticum (0.56%) of TB. Time collecting medicinal herbs for the full content of alcaloid highest in June on the trees not flowering. The different ecological regions, identifying preliminary medicinal quality not great difference (on 70% of the number of active content templates are similar). The new findings will bring more benefits to the patient in the process of prevention and treatment of the disease. Pharmacological research results:

Magic white Crinum asiaticum cancer resistance

+ Identify inflammatory Crinum asiaticum's white flowers romantic (3 g of dried medicinal dosage/kg body weight) on both the form of alcohol and high high water all have good romantic anti-inflammatory effects. High alcohol works better (reduced weight 25.4% grain alcohol in u and 11.8% in water).

High alcohol and high water + white Crinum asiaticum (dose of 3 g/kg body weight of dried medicinal herbs) are reducing the benign hypertrophy on the prostate (with statistical significance). High alcohol works better (rising 35.4% 28.9% alcohol and high-altitude to high water).

+ Determining the reduced effects of prostate hypertrophy alcaloid Crinum asiaticum full powder white flower with 60mg doses, 90mg and 120mg (corresponding to 2 g, 3 g and 4 g/kg body weight of dried medicinal herbs) are similar. Other wrong no statistical significance (from 20.2% to 23.5%).

+ Determining the acute toxicity of Crinum asiaticum Klor white flowers on the mouse is: LD50 in = 0, 683g/kg total alcaloid powder weight = 22, 75 g/kg body weight medicinal.

+ Toxicity sell school of Crinum asiaticum white flowers on the rabbit drink 10 times higher doses than expected doses used in humans (75mg/kg total body weight alcaloid) and lasts 30 days, see no expression of poisoning on liver function, kidney, haematology and histopathology of rabbit experiments.

+ The pharmacological effects are not desired: When white Crinum asiaticum alcaloid infusion on vein cat dose 10 mg and 20 mg/kg body weight, powder white Crinum asiaticum alcaloid does not affect normal blood pressure of cats. When the infusion solution of Crinum asiaticum alcaloid white flowers on isolated rabbit heart with concentration of 10 mg and 20 mg/100 ml are not similar to the heart disrupting h; the amplitude of heart contractility and heart through traffic on the isolated rabbit heart model. With a dose of 90mg alkaloid NHT/kg/day x 21 days (t run DD 3 g/data reachable residual Central kg/day) does not cause the image similar to h the development of gonads male mouse. With 90mg doses of alcaloid NHT/kg/day x 30 days did not cause a photo similar to the reproductive activity of h of the male mouse mouse number expression causes male pregnancy on the mouse and the mouse that was conceived and number of pups born. Possible conclusion: white Crinum asiaticum alcaloid powder doesn't affect sexual activity does not affect the functioning of the heart and blood pressure on animal testing in the clinical equivalent dose. Need GE reachable deeper research in the clinical trial stage on life.

From the results of research on chemical pharmaceutical has proven: scientific basis Have replaced TNHC medicinal by the white flowers of Crinum asiaticum some direction treating benign hypertrophy of the prostate, breast, fibroids and support treatment of cancer.

Answer questions about United States Crinum asiaticum's white-"Etched glass" fibrous tumor prostate. Former Vice Chairman of the Institute of medicinal plant research white Crinum asiaticum, TS. Three Enthusiastic namsrai will answer some questions of you readers about the tree white Crinum asiaticum (General):

Crinum asiaticum-tree in white flowers? In the different regions, then this plant is also known as what?. Crinum asiaticum's white flowers are distributed throughout the country, would have. In addition to the common name white flowers, this plant Crinum asiaticum is also known as banana trees water and General or tree. In the research of Crinum asiaticum white flowers, we have compared the levels of the active ingredient of Crinum asiaticum trees white flowers in much of the region is found in the highest concentrations of the active ingredient is in Quang Ninh province (1.74%), lowest in Daklak and HO CHI MINH CITY. (0.66%).

-Distinguish the Crinum asiaticum white flowers and trees along them? Crinum asiaticum flower moon just easily confused with red flowers of Crinum asiaticum. Both of these plants are referred to as General crops. We can distinguish two plants thanks to the United States. When no flowers, you can distinguish the melon into fibre or leaves, petioles of Crinum asiaticum red flowers of Crinum asiaticum, purplish in color white flowers, then white. With the Virgin, the Imperial Palace are easy to distinguish, and Virgin trees smaller Imperial Palace Crinum asiaticum white flowers very much.

-Harvesting trees themselves should the United States Crinum asiaticum's white to shades of drinking water or not? The main active substances have effects in the United States at least in water soluble white Crinum asiaticum, so brilliantly effective drinking water will decrease. Moreover, using white Crinum asiaticum overdose can lead to undesirable effects is causing vomiting and intense. So notes using the correct dose. In addition, should incorporate the United States Crinum asiaticum's white with some medicinal herbs such as Hunan, Middle: Sai kim ... to give better results. About irritation effects cause nausea Crinum asiaticum's white flowers, in the subject we studied the completed form including insoluble in stomach, melt in the intestine.

-Men 50 years old, has not been on fiber for prostate tumors but can use the Crinum asiaticum white flowers to prevent the disease? Not so, because the mechanism of action of Crinum asiaticum's white flowers are active alcaloid groups (namely Lycorin) capable of inhibiting tumor cell, the more toxic alcaloid. So just when would u be fiber, then use.

-I'm using Virgin Imperial Palace to treat prostate fiber u but see no results, should I switch to using white Crinum asiaticum and need attention? If used Virgin Tokyo Imperial Palace long days without results, you should switch to using white Crinum asiaticum. The fact there were many Virgin users the Imperial Palace with no results but switched to using the Crinum asiaticum white flower has good results. Should pay attention to use the correct dosage.

-I suffer from ovarian cysts, Crinum asiaticum white flowers works with my disease? Among patients who used the Crinum asiaticum white flower that I know of, there are many patients with ovarian cysts have good results. Crinum asiaticum white flowers work well with patients for prostate and fiber u u ovarian cystic fibrosis.

United Kingdom achieved the award "product quality credibility, because consumers"

On 18/06/2015, in the Central Office, United Kingdom Product Warranty was honored to be awarded the "prestigious, quality products for consumers" by the counseling center developed the brand and quality, the same anti-counterfeiting Association and Vietnam granted trademark protection. Round the year award review the involvement of businesses in many different areas. Judge Council had thrown for a lot of records, but the process still ensure rigorous evaluation. One of the products involved makes the judges especially impressed that product of pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom.

Wang said the product supports prostate fibrous tumor treatment in the elderly. The products produced at the plant of IMC, the first factory in Vietnam standard of GMP-HS. To the consumer, the product of the United Kingdom Security also received very positive feedback, satisfaction from those diseases. Wang Bao already overcome many other products of the same type to achieve certified "prestigious, quality products for consumers in 2015". Wang said the product was born from a research grant, the subject entitled: "research plants Crinum asiaticum white flowers do cure prostate disease". After 8 years of research (from the year 2001 to 2008), the subject has been collecting. The results showed:

-White flowers of Crinum asiaticum full alcaloid very high (0.97%)

-Crinum asiaticum white flowers have the effect of reducing the size of prostate fiber u to 35.5%

Meet us, pharmaceutical company asserts: "for us, nothing of importance by the trust of consumers with the products of the company. To strengthen that trust, we are always trying to raise the standard of quality and reputation of the product. Therefore, right from the first step the company has selected the products has been a research focus, control the amount of source material-construction of standardized production process and continuous reviews, product innovation to meet the needs of customers ". Comes to the DP, consumers not only used the United Kingdom products Protect the product-support treatment of prostate hypertrophy, but also other products known as Colon, Maxxhair Costume, Costume Encyclopedia Sinus ... here are all the products are appreciated in the Council of Association product reviews anti-counterfeiting and brand protection Vietnam.