Protein in 8 indispensable nutrients for healthy body

The body needs protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, omega 3 ... to maintain good health and avoid illness. The nutrients are not so rare, that you can search in daily food source, by the traditional meal in your family. However, you also have to balance the precise back again, to avoid the addition of excessive or too lacking for his body. Below are the necessary nutrients to the body, according to Boldsky.

Protein in 8 indispensable nutrients for healthy body
-Protein. Nutrition experts said, each day, the men must load at least 55 g, females need 45 g of protein for the body. The protein has a lot of peas, lentils, milk, yogurt and eggs.

-Iron. Never iron deficiency by body body needs enough iron to produce red blood cells. You will suffer energy shortages, strongly stain human skin, headache, brittle nails and hair loss even when anemia. The women come to menstrual cycles are consumed much more iron. There are many iron in the spinach-green leaves.

-The body needs zinc to zinc. Maintain immune capacity, excrete digestive enzymes, DNA and generate active support neurotransmitters. When the body lacks the ice cream, you will suffer from hair loss, impotence, and eating poorly. Consumption of spinach, cabbage, kale, cashews, almonds, peas and dried fruit to provide adequate levels of zinc.

-Magnesium. This is the important role of minerals in the body such as maintaining healthy bones, reducing the risk of cancer. Magnesium supplements from grains, nuts and milk.

-Of calcium. Need help with healthy bones. To avoid osteoporosis you need to add more milk, yogurt, cabbage and kale.

-Iodine. The body need more iodine to thyroid hormone synthesis. Iodine deficiency will be very dangerous especially for children. Thyroid function may be impaired if you lack iodine. Eggs and seafood provide more iodine.

-Vitamin B12. The nervous system need this vitamin for good works. In addition, B12 is useful in the production of red blood cells. Pale skin, fatigue and shortness of breath are symptoms that indicate the body is this vitamin deficiency. Eggs and meat is the best source of B12.

-Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids help to enhance health and longevity, avoid depression and keep mentally stable. Fish, olive oil, butter and seasame oil is the best source of this substance.

5 flat belly help brave enough to drink

Want to melt belly fat and waist Ant, you should drink green tea smoothies, watermelon, black chocolate milk shake ... According to Boldsky, the drink is one of the good methods to reduce belly fat in a short time. Some drinks to help remove toxins from the body and increasing the metabolism to deliver results in weight loss, excess fat removed. Below is a list of the types of water can reduce belly fat.

-Green tea. Sipping green tea every day is the way to flatten the abdomen. The antioxidants contained in green tea increases metabolism, burn fat, return the two toned.

-Watermelon smoothie. This is low-calorie drinks, lots of water, help reduce the buildup of fat in the belly ring quickly.

-Mint tea. Abdomen is very good. Especially if you suffer from flatulence causing the abdomen distended, please drink a cup of mint tea immediately, because it reduces the accumulation of gas in the abdomen.

-Pineapple smoothie. Pineapple reduce belly fat more efficiently, increase your metabolism, facilitate the digestive activity and promote weight loss.

-Black chocolate milk shakes. This drink is the best way to reduce weight, excess fat by it contains very few calories.