The disease is common in prostate

The prostate gland is an organ located in the lower abdomen or neck bladder. Is surrounded of the urethra. The urethra leads the urine from the urinary bladder to the penis head qang. There are many diseases related to the prostate. Below we have listed some of the common diseases in this Department. A function of the prostate is to help control the urine by creating direct pressure for the urethra that surround the prostate.

The disease is common in prostate
Prostate size, such as nuts, fruit, flattening, only in men, located in front of the rectum, just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra, the tube consists of two time zones. In adults, the prostate size, width 4 cm x 3 cm high x 2.5 cm thick, has a mass between 15-25 g, secrete mucus and make up some of the components of semen. Along the stem of the prostate has the chain circuit-nerve (vasculo-nerveux) stimulates the erectile penis's. The disease is common in the prostate is prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer.

- Prostatitis. The vast majority of patients with prostatitis have typical symptoms are Bladder disorders: many times, minor unsatisfied mót, nightlife, mostly minor lines, interrupted, són minor, minor pain. In addition, the pain and discomfort is a sign often, pain due to pinched nerves, pain due to inflammation spread to the testicles, Epididymis and testicle bag essential. Pain usually appears in the perineum, penis, testicles, scrotal inguinal region, anus, pain when sitting, ride a bicycle, a motorbike. If the pain is accompanied by fever, malaria should visit immediately. The disease affect health, work, to have sex. The disease causes about neurological disorders, psychological and can lead to sterility rare late. People this disease distributed two types: inflammation of the prostate with the sudden symptoms and viral, if antibiotic treatment for about 10 days, then the disease would quickly out, but if the 3-6 week-long heavy. Chronic prostatitis is the result of inflammation of the gland level is not treated promptly, the treatment by antibiotics but also to perpetuate or repeat and every treatment when symptoms recur.

- Prostate hypertrophy. Are u usually have for in men, in benign form. Men age, the prostate gland weighs about 20 grams, some small prostate goes but the majority of cases of hypertrophic gland. For men over 50 years of age, this rate in Vietnam is 50-60% and the 70-80% of the world. Prostate hypertrophy is the disease the second largest after the pathology of the prostate stimulation syndrome such as: hard to resist the U.S.; sick people have to push new urinating; urinate several times a day for night is the result when many insomnia; minor trickle out weak drip or go into two rays; minor symptoms intermittently, stopped abruptly when the Emirates are gone, and the next State to do and yet the urine due to urinary bladder.

- Prostate cancer. Is the most common disease in men. Is the cause of Monday's fatal cancer, after lung cancer. Prostate cancer is the malignant tumor develops from the cells of the prostate. The tumor often develops from the cells of the prostate. The tumor often develops slowly and lasts for many years. During this time, the tumors often have little or no symptoms or have symptoms of expression (whether the usual g when the doctor). However, when the cancer progression, cancer raised and encroached into surrounding tissue (spreading spot). Moreover, cancer can also metastasize (spread beyond) to other parts of the body such as bone, lung, liver. Symptoms in the place of metastasis to the usually associated with symptoms of prostate cancer.

The symptoms of prostate cancer:

-Hard erections or difficulty keeps erection status (being powerless)
-There is blood in the urine
-Pain in the lower back, hips, groin ribs, or other bone types
-Feel weak or power failure in the legs or feet
-Loss of control when the bowel or urine

The risk of fatherhood when were older

The people we have the sentence: "old Father the pile"-it's a valuable experience about choosing child birth age in men. Experience from the real life of our nation has been the scientific research to unravel. Wedding season is spring and fertility. Hope the insights here would benefit more families happy. Many studies show that the age of the men not only affects the ability to make claims but also reflects "the ability to make her husband". Recent studies confirm that, the ability to do the man's father was also not later than the time of how long menopause in women around age 45, that is.

-The higher the mother's father's age as easy to miscarriage. The research about the age of the father and the miscarriage showed have relationships with each other. The relationship between a father's age with the risk of the child being born with birth defects and intellectual development disorders such as Apert syndrome and autism as well as the disease schizophrenia. Research on 90,000 cases of pregnancy has concluded that, given the age of his father as high as wife prone to miscarriage, although his wife was young, healthy and not at risk. In addition, there is the relationship between a father's age with risk of child autism and that this relationship is just the tip of the submerged iceberg of problems in the relationship with other factors.

-Age claims as high as reduced sperm quality. Research shows that the change of chemical components takes place according to the age in men. Males age higher testosterol, estrogen, DHEA HAS. At the same time increase the level of FSH and LH. This shows, in men also reduced fertility by age as in females. Study on 2,000 men in France found that married couples do, artificial insemination, if elderly husband by more debacle. Age of males increased to not reduce the produce sperm which only reduce sperm quality.

-Age claims higher risk genetically skewed. Evidence of the deficiencies and errors increase by age of the claims occurred in a stitch or both in the process of duplicating DNA to produce sperm. Though man is still capable of producing sperm hang on but as many years will increase the risk of errors in a few copies of the DNA of the sperm, affect the health of the child born or coming to the process of pregnancy. The study also said, the lifestyle is also a destructive stitching lines produce sperm. Many of the comments for that, it's hard to separate the impact of environmental factors up natural aging. That the environmental effects of accumulated leave over time and certainly affect reproductive activity.

With that, the man lives as long, as much exposure to harmful environmental factors such as smoking, drinking, drug use, exposure to radioactivity, as well as the process of oxygen ... Things that increase the risk of injury to the chromosome of the sperm. So today, the American Society of reproductive medicine recommends that, ideally, retrieved the sperm of the person under the age of 40 to artificial insemination, in order to minimize the potential risk due to age. The beard you should protect their capacity.

However, the aforementioned research is just the first step, the findings are not yet comprehensive, but it is still the wake to the most gracious of you antennae to need protection ability do his father and husband at any age. Make certain that you never want to be his mate cooking is "weak" or because you where a child is born "lost sister, poorly children".

The following are the bright path help you choose to achieve speed, keep the "health for sperm":

-Quit smoking smoking Laos, because it makes the sperm rapidly weakened due to the accelerated aging process, do you always suffering from lack of oxygen.

-Should only drink has restraint, because if abused then prone to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, endocrine system and degraded the immune system.

-Need daily physical exercise, because physical activity will make blood gas circulation, secretion of male hormone substance in full, ensure better for sperm.

-Need a sensible diet to maintain full health at the same time maintaining its reproductive system.

Want protects "health for sperm" and maintain their ability at any age, you need to implement strictly the following advice: avoid using steroid medication forms, since they are the first causes causes sterility for men. Good control of blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension currently have to use medications for which you want to have children, you should consult your doctor, because blood pressure drugs can harm sperm. Preferably before want three months you need to reduce or not drinking beer. You don't put your laptop, or anything too hot on the Palm as you work, because high temperatures are not good for the sperm of normal development. You also need to note avoid contact with heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, radioactive sources and avoiding toxic chemicals, including some medications, herbicides ...

The risk of prostate cancer from red meat FRY

Prostate cancer is a common disease in men today, the second largest after lung cancer. A new American study shows that men who eat more red meat rations 6 chips each month there is an increased risk of prostate cancer by 30% compared with those who rarely eat it. At the University of Southern California (USA), Prof. Mariana Stern and associates have done a cứa on 1,900 patients male prostate cancer have the habit of eating red meat fried and 1,096 people not infected with this type of cancer.

The research results were published in the journal of Carcinogenesis, concluded that men who eat more red meat rations 6 chips each month there is an increased risk of prostate cancer by 30% compared with those who rarely eat it. Besides, if you eat larger than 10 servings of red meat per month processed by whatever you would like: fried or baked, you have increased the risk of prostate cancer to 40%.

When you bake or FRY is the way food is not safe because of the high temperatures destroy the sharing of DNA such as PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and HCAs heterocyclic amines. Studies show that PAHs are created when meat is more directly on fire, smoked the substance deposited on the meat, and the HCAs are formed when proteins are cooked at high temperatures for long periods.