Cancer warning: Do YOU know these three unlikely risk factors?

Cancer kills someone every four minutes in the UK, with lung, bowel, breast and prostate cancers accounting for almost half of deaths.

According to Cancer Research UK, four in ten cases of cancer could be prevented.

Risk factors that could be avoided include smoking, being overweight and drinking too much alcohol.

However, there are many rarer - and perhaps surprising - triggers for the disease.

International Agency for Research on Cancer has created a list of 116 substances and activities that are thought to cause cancer.

These include some more familiar cancer causes, such as second-hand smoking, eating processed meat and using sunbeds.

Here are three of the more unusual things on their list.

Working in shoe manufacturing or repair

It is thought that repairing or making shoes could put people at any increased risk of nasal cancer and leukaemia.

This is because of exposure to suspected carcinogens such as leather dust, benzene and other solvents.

However risk varies depending on duration and how much exposure there is.

Eating Chinese-style salted fish

A diet rich in salt-cured meats and fish, or pickled foods can increase risk of nasopharyngeal cancer, which is related to the upper part of the throat behind the nose.

These foods are more common in parts of Asia and northern Africa.

It is because these foods can be very high in nitrates and nitrites, which react with protein to form nitrosamines and can damage DNA.

Plants containing aristolochic acid

The plant extract has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries.

However, it has been found to cause  kidney disease and urothelial cancer.