High blood pressure warning - intensive lowering could be linked to THIS condition

However experts have revealed if people lower their blood pressure reading too intensively it could increase the risk of developing another condition.

Lowering blood pressure too intensively is associated with an increase risk of chronic kidney disease, scientists have found.

Chronic kidney disease is a long-term condition which means the organs are not working as well as they should.

It is a general term which means the kidneys are damaged or are not functioning properly.

It is more common in older people, and gets gradually worse.

Kidney Care UK said one in eight people in the UK will develop kidney disease.  

If blood pressure is too high it can put additional strain on blood vessels and persistent high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease and heart failure.

The kidneys depend on good circulation - filtering waste and fluid from the blood.

If the blood vessels are damaged, nephrons which filter blood don’t receive the oxygen they need to function well.


Therefore, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause the arteries around the kidneys to narrow and weaken.

These damaged arteries are therefore not able to deliver enough blood to the kidneys.

Damaged kidneys lose their ability to filter blood and regulate fluids, hormones and salts in the body.

If kidneys are damaged, they can also fail to regulate blood pressure.

Experts who set out to examine the effects of intensive blood pressure lowering on analysed 6662 participants who were either subjected to an intensive or standard blood pressure treatment.

The researchers, from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City set the intensive lowering goal would be 120 mm Hg and the standard blood pressure treatment would aim to get patients to 140 mm Hg.

Ideal blood pressure is considered to be anything around 120/80 mm Hg and treatment is recommended around the 140/90 mark.

Scientists found the intensive treatment did increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, but said this was outweighed by the benefits to the heart.

The researchers concluded: “Intensive SBP lowering increased risk for incident CKD events, but this was outweighed by cardiovascular and all-cause mortality benefits." 

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