Semen colour warning: What THESE three shades mean for your health

Semen - sometimes called male ejaculate - is is a combination of seminal fluid and sperm.

It is ejaculated - or shot out - through the urethra, which travels through the penis, during an orgasm.

According to the NHS, there is usually about 5ml of liquid, but there may be more, particularly if a man hasn't ejaculated for some time. 

In a single ejaculation 100 million to 300 million sperm can be released. 

If it reaches a female’s egg, there is fertilisation and a woman becomes pregnant.

Semen colour can often indicate the state of a man’s health.

“In healthy men it should be clear to whitish grey,” said Helen Knox, a clinical nurse specialising in sexual health.

“Sometimes it may be pale yellow if a man has not passed urine prior to having sex.”

Knox said it is important for men to pay attention to changes in their semen colour.

“If it is a different colour for more than a couple of days, they should get it checked rather than ignore it,” she warned.

This is what certain shades might mean for your health - if you are concerned you should seek medical attention.


“If semen is a rusty red or pink colour this is not ok,” said Knox.

“Any reddening of a man’s ejaculate - particularly if it continues beyond a few days - should be investigated by a doctor as it indicates that blood is present. 

“This may be due to inflammation caused by sexually transmitted infections, other infections and medical conditions, such as prostate problems, all of which should be ruled out.

According to the common causes of blood in the semen - known as haematospermia - could in rare cases indicate severe high blood pressure, a blood clotting disorder or certain cancers. 


As well as urine in the urethra giving it a yellow tint, this shade could indicate a number of other health conditions.

These include jaundice ,normally high white blood cells or sexually transmitted infections.

However, it could also be caused by eating foods that contain yellow dye, or infrequent ejaculation.

“A side-effect of some medications is that some men’s ejaculate is yellow,” added Knox.


This colour may be a sign of a potential infection of the prostate or surrounding tissues.

A prostate infection is when bacteria in your urine leaks into the prostate.