Sleeping for THIS amount of time will keep your sperm healthy

Between seven and seven and a half hours sleep is the perfect amount for healthy sperm, scientists have revealed.

Sleeping for more than nine hours per day meant sperm was 41 per cent less healthy.

Similarly, only managing six and a half hours or less kip meant sperm was 30 per cent less healthy.

Healthy sperm was characterised by the amount of normal DNA and protein in semen samples, the researchers said.

Co-author of the study, Dr Jia Cao, said: “This is new information, after our previous finding that sleep duration has an inversed association with semen volume and total sperm count.

“In the previous study, we found that these two semen parameters were highest when sleep is seven to seven and a half hours per day.

“Either longer or shorter sleep was associated with the decrease of the two semen parameters.”

The researchers wanted to find whether the amount of sleep every night had any impact on the structural integrity of sperm DNA.

They analysed 2,020 semen samples from 796 men, between 2013 and 2015.

They found the ‘optimum’ amount of sleep need to produce the healthiest sperm, which could help couples trying to conceive.

More studies were needed to investigate exactly why sleep impacts sperm health, the researchers said.

Scientists also revealed this month that a male fertility supplement could generate ‘super sperm’.

Sperm mobility, and its capacity to fertilise eggs, increased after taking the Superdrug supplement.

It contained vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and L-cartinene - a nutrient known to improve sperm movement.

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