Anti-ageing news: If you are a MAN and struggling with stiff tendons THIS could be why

Tendons are the bundles of strong fibres that connect muscles to bones.

Keeping them strong is important since they are essential to help your body function.

If they stiffen in old age, it can cause issues with movement and injury.

However, a new study may have brought scientists a step closer to an effective treatment.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have discovered that ageing has very different and opposite effects on the tendons of men and women.

Each cell in the body is responsible for carrying out certain tasks and will only need to ‘express’ particular genes. 

As people get older, there is decreased gene expression.

They discovered that in older males, this triggered the rapid production of cells.

But in older females, it led to loss of a cell’s power of division and growth.

These gender differences are often ignored in studies looking into gene expression.

“Our research highlights the possible need to treat tendon disease differently in males and females because alternative mechanisms may be involved,” said Dr Mandy Peffers, the lead researcher.

“Our findings could help in the treatment of more bespoke treatments for this large patient group.”

In the study, researchers looked at men and women from two age groups - 20 to 24 and 54 to 70 years.

Previous research has revealed why older people get more tendon injuries.

A 2015 study by Queen Mary, University of London, found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens with age.

Researchers believe this is why older people are more susceptible to tendon injuries.