Best arthritis supplements: £8 capsules could help joint pain and inflammation

Ginger supplements are available over the counter in pharmacies.

The capsules could reduce pain in arthritis patients, and improve osteoarthritis symptoms overall, according to studies.

Extracts of ginger can lower the amount of inflammatory chemicals the body makes, scientists have claimed.

It can also promote the production of salicylic acid in the body, which eases joint pain and discomfort.

A study assessed ginger extract’s pain relief ability in 67 osteoarthritis patients, compared with ibuprofen and a placebo - a tablet with no medical effect.

Patients taking ginger and ibuprofen reported significant reduction in pain.

A separate study with 247 participants revealed similar results, in 2003.

People were instructed to either take a 255mg ginger supplement or a placebo, twice a day for six months.

The severity of pain in osteoarthritis patients was significantly reduced in those taking the ginger supplements.

“In theory, ginger can reduce the activity of several chemical substances that promote joint inflammation,” said Arthritis Research UK.

“Ginger is a relatively well-tolerated herbal remedy with minor side-effects. The most commonly reported side-effects are stomach upset and mouth irritation.”

Ginger is native to China, South East Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean.

It’s herbal properties are taken from the plant’s stem, and you can buy ginger supplements from high street retailers and pharmacists.

Arthritis affects around 10 million people in the UK, including people of all ages.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, with about eight million people suffering from the condition in the UK.

Symptoms of the condition include joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and restricted movement.

There’s currently no cure for arthritis, but medication can help to ease some of the symptoms.