Black Friday 2017 health WARNING: Stress deals could cause diabetes and HEART ATTACKS

Black Friday can be an incredibly stressful experience, which can raise blood pressure, according to GP and founder of VIVA Skin Clinics, Dr Rupert Critchley.

High blood pressure can lead to “a myriad” of health problems, including heart attacks and strokes, he said.

The anxiety around last-minute Black Friday deals could also trigger the release of the steroid hormone cortisol, according to GP Dr Sam Rodgers.

While cortisol can help us deal with short-term stress, too much of the hormone can cause weight gain, mood changes, and even diabetes, he said.

“Stress can be healthy, and cortisol helps us with memory and to cope better with short-term stress,” said Rodgers, who is also Medical Director of Medichecks.

“Black Friday could potentially have some damaging health effects. The financial stress of buying goods could raise cortisol levels in the body.

“Long-term excessive amounts of cortisol can cause weight gain, and can affect blood sugar levels. That could potentially cause diabetes.”

More cortisol has also been linked to taking more risks. In terms of Black Friday, more risks could mean spending and borrowing more money, which in turn, could lead to more cortisol being triggered, Rodgers added.

The stress of Black Friday could also lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), said Critchley.

“The over-crowded shops, traffic jams and long queues can all lead to an increase in blood pressure,” he said.

“Long term high blood (hypertension) can lead to a myriad of serious health problems including stroke and heart attack.”

Spending too much money on limited-time-only deals could also increase consumer debt. Debt has been linked to depression, anxiety, mouth ulcers, and damage to the immune system, he added.

Staying properly hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep before the main event could help in managing Black Friday, he advised.

He also recommended wrapping up warm with plenty of layers and waterproof clothing if you’re thinking of venturing out to stores, to avoid catching a cold.

Exercising before and after shopping could help to relieve some of the stress of searching for the best deals, according to Another Space’s Head of Yoga, Chris Magee.

“A workout promotes a good endorphin release and forces you to feel better and more relaxed,” he said.

“It is also an opportunity to take some time out of the shopping activities and just focusing on yourself.

“Exercise is a chance to remove yourself from the source of stress - clearing your mind, and returning to the problem refreshed, hopefully reducing any stress you felt in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Debenhams, The Body Shop and Boots were all confirmed to be offering discounts for Black Friday.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, revealed his top tips for the event, which could save consumers hundreds of pounds.