High blood pressure diet: Taking THIS 14p supplement could PROTECT against salty foods

High blood pressure - or hypertension - is a growing concern in the UK, with one in three adults suffering, according to Blood Pressure UK.

It is often caused by lifestyle factors, such as smoking and eating a diet that contains too much salty food.

However, new research has discovered that taking a probiotic supplement could help protect the body against hypertension caused by too much salt.

Probiotics - which are ‘good’ bacteria that keep the gut healthy - have grown popular in recent years thanks to research showing they improve digestion, brain function, immunity and liver health.

They can be found in fermented foods, such as kefir and sauerkraut, as well as supplements, including Holland and Barrett Mega Potency Acidophilus With Pectin (60 capsules) for £8.99 - or 14p per day.

An expert last week revealing to Express.co.uk that brushing your teeth with probiotics could provide the most benefits.

Now, a new study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States has added high blood pressure prevention to that list.

Scientists found that a particular strain of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut could stop a high-salt diet triggering an inflammatory response in the body.

This is because salty foods shrink the level of a certain type of beneficial bacteria, but taking probiotics may reverse this effect.

However, the researchers warned that the discovery shouldn’t encourage people to consume as much salty food as there want if they take a probiotic.

“I think certainly there’s some promise in developing probiotics that could be targeted to possibly fixing some of the effects of a high-salt diet, but people shouldn’t think they can eat fast food and then pop a probiotic, and it will be cancelled out,” said Professor Eric Alm, from MIT.

A diet high in salt is one of the main risk factors for elevated blood pressure, and an expert recommended to Express.co.uk that most people would benefit from cutting out salt entirely.

It could also lead to heart attack and stroke by causing the blood vessels to stiffen.

Additionally, there is research suggesting that the body’s immune system could also be compromised by too much salt.

In the new study, the researchers fed mice a diet high in table salt.

They discovered there was a drop in a particular type of ‘good’ bacteria called Lactobacillus murinus.

However, taking a probiotic containing the strain of bacteria appeared to help.

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