Sex warning: Having diabetes could trigger THIS problem in the BEDROOM

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health conditions in the UK, and affects one in every 16 people.

If left untreated or poorly managed it could lead to a number of complications.

These commonly include heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, foot problems and diabetic retinopathy, according to the NHS.

However, there is a lesser-known side-effect of diabetes - sexual dysfunction.

This is where you are prevented from wanting or enjoying sexual activity, and it commonly affects diabetes sufferers.

According to Diabetes UK, it’s because the conditions causes reduced blood flow and loss of sensation in the sexual organs.

Male sufferers may experience problems getting and maintaining an erection, also known as erectile dysfunction.

This is particularly in those who smoke and have nerve or blood vessel damage.

According to Diabetes UK, it is thought over half of men with diabetes are affected in this way.

However, it can usually be treated with medication, say the NHS.

Similarly, female diabetes sufferers may also experience problems with sexual dysfunction.

Research has even suggested they may be twice as likely to have an issue as non-diabetes female sufferers.

This may include a reduced sex drive - or loss of libido - and less pleasure from sex compared to normal.

Additionally, vaginal dryness, reduced ability to orgasm and pain during sex may also happen.

According to Diabetes UK, using lubrication or having therapy could help.

What’s more, diabetes sufferers of both genders are at greater risk of thrush, however, controlling blood glucose levels can help.