High blood pressure warning: Finding THIS in your urine could be sign to see your GP

High blood pressure affects an increasing number in the UK, and rates are predicted to continue to rise upwards from their current level of 16 million.

However, there are seven million who are undiagnosed - and this group are at a raised risk of stroke and heart attack without realising.

This is often because elevated blood pressure shows no signs, and even then they can be easy to miss.

Common signs of hypertension - another name for the condition - include blurred vision and shortness of breath.

Sometimes people with very high blood pressure experience severe headaches, according to Blood Pressure UK.

But discovering blood in your urine could also indicate that your blood pressure is out of the normal range, note the website WebMD.

This could be because high blood pressure is a risk factor for kidney disease - along with diabetes, smoking and obesity - which can cause small amounts of blood when you wee.

However, blood in the urine could also be a sign of a UTI, kidney stones or enlarged prostate. 

The only way to know for sure if you have high blood pressure is to go and get your pressure checked by a doctor.

A single high reading isn’t enough to warrant a diagnosis, according to Blood Pressure UK, and your GP will need to take several.

Throughout Christmas Day, for example, your pressure is likely to lower during Christmas dinner and rise while talking to an annoying relative.

While it is not exactly known what causes high blood pressure, being over the age of 65, being overweight and consuming too much salt raises your risk.

Indeed, a poor diet is said by experts to have a more detrimental effect on blood pressure than stress.

The NHS recommend reducing your blood pressure by cutting back on alcohol, exercising regularly and losing weight if you’re overweight.

Additionally, reducing caffeine, stopping smoking and getting at least six hours of sleep a night can also help.

As well as lifestyle changes, your doctor may prescribe you medicines, such as ACE inhibitors , diuretics and beta-blockers.

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