Do you have a chesty, dry or tickly cough? See a GP urgently if you have this symptom

Coughs usually go away within three weeks on their own and usually don’t require attention from a GP. 

Rest, drinking plenty of fluids and drinking hot lemon with honey are the best remedies recommended by doctors. 

Pharmacists can also advise on the best way to ease symptoms, for example syrups and lozenges. 

But what symptoms should you look out for if your cough has become more serious, and when should you see a GP? 

A cough is very rarely a sign of something serious like lung cancer, but other than cold or flu, other causes include: 

  • Smoking 
  • Heartburn 
  • Allergies - for ample, hay fever 
  • Infections like bronchitis 
  • Mucus dripping down the throat form the back of the nose

For less serious coughs, home remedies are the best way to ease symptoms. 

How can you get rid of a chesty cough?

How can you ease symptoms of a dry cough? 

And what about a mucus cough?