Dry January 2018: Can drinking alcohol give you cancer? This is the REAL answer

Dry January involves saying bye to the booze for an entire month, and downloading an app could help you keep off the sauce.

There are a number of health benefits including weight loss and having more energy.

Additionally, decreasing alcohol intake could also reduce your risk of cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, while not everyone who drinks alcohol will develop the deadly condition, there is a definite link.

Researchers estimate that alcohol causes around four per cent of all cancers in the UK - or about 12,800 cases.

Types include mouth cancer, liver, cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer.

Additionally, pharyngeal cancer of the upper throat, oesophageal cancer in the food pipe and laryngeal cancer in the voice box.

Even just a small amount of alcohol each day can raise the likelihood you’ll suffer.

Cancer Research UK reveals that a pint of lager or a large glass of wine a day could cause mouth, upper throat, oesophageal, breast and bowel cancers. 

Alcohol has less of an effect on breast cancer risk, but it is still thought it causes 3,200 cases a year.

But how does alcohol trigger cancer?

It is converted by our bodies into a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde.

This damages the DNA and stops our cells from repairing the damage. 

In turn this causes cancer, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer has therefore classified acetaldehyde as cancerous.

However, there is some research to suggest small amounts of alcohol are good for you. Studies have linked red wine to longevity and champagne to dementia prevention.

There are also certain types of alcohol that are lower in calories than other.

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