How to live longer REVEALED: This diet can stop you getting frail in old age

Taking a walk for a certain amount of time everyday, never retiring and just spending time in the great outdoors have all been found to boost longevity.

But now new research has revealed eating a particularly diet can lower the risk of frailty in old age. 

Eating lots of olive oil, legumes and fish are just some of the foods that should be part of your daily eating plan, according to a new study. 

And these foods are all part of the Mediterranean diet - a diet inspired by the eating habits of Greece, Southern Italy and Spain. 

The study titled ‘Adherence to Mediterranean Diet Reduces Incident Frailty Risk: System Review and Meta-Analysis’, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, found a clear association between the Mediterranean diet and incident frailty. 

But not only was there a link - the diet was found to significantly lower the risk of frailty, particularly in community-dwelling older people. 

Here are some easy ways of incorporating the Mediterranean Diet into your lifestyle. 

Oil up

Replace butter and margarine with healthy oils, such as olive oil, as often as possible. These are a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Go for lean protein

Swap red meat for skinless chicken, turkey, fish, beans and nuts for a healthier source of protein. These foods have less saturated fat than red meat, and fatty fish in particular provides a great source of omega 3s.

Load up on vegetables

Aim to eat lots of veg – three to eight servings a day. Opt for vegetables in a range of colours to ensure a variety of vitamins and antioxidants.

Whole grain heaven

Eat whole grains, rather than refined. Try quinoa, barley and oatmeal, and swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain alternatives.

Snack well

Change your snacking habits, choosing almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds over processed foods packed with refined sugar. Keep your sweet tooth in check by eating fresh fruit, especially oranges and grapefruits which are crammed with vitamin C.

Don't cut out dairy

Include some milk and dairy foods, such as cheese and yoghurt. These are great sources of protein and calcium.

Take your time

Finally, people in the Mediterranean take time over their food, savouring every bite instead of shovelling it down. Giving yourself time to enjoy a meal can help you feel full up and reduce the urge to snack.

Research in the past has found the Mediterranean diet can add five years to your life.