Suffering from bloating? One simple move to get rid of trapped wind

Feeling bloated is often accompanied by trapped wind, indigestion or flatulence, according to medical website WebMD.

It’s normal to feel bloated for short periods of time, but some people can experience the condition for longer periods.

It’s caused by the abdomen feeling larger than normal - like you’ve swallowed a balloon.

Certain foods and drinks could instigate bloating. Beans, broccoli, cabbage and fizzy drinks are all guilty of causing the condition.

“Bloating can be managed usually by making changes to your lifestyle and with over-the-counter medication,” said WebMD.

“If you have to eliminate certain gas-producing foods from your diet then you should continue to eat a healthy diet that includes five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly.”

You could also try sitting down to eat your meals, and chewing your food more slowly.

Trying to talk with your mouth full could increase the amount of air you’re ingesting, which may also be contributing to bloating.

Twisting exercises could also help to push air out of the digestive system, according to celebrity personal trainer Ramona Braganza.

The exercise can be carried out in a chair, or on the ground.

Sit with your feet facing forward, then rotate your torso to the right, and reach around to hold the back of the chair. Then, simply repeat with the other side of your torso.

Toe touch stretches may also help to get rid of excess gas from your system.

Stomach bloating is one of the symptoms of constipation.

Constipation is defined as having fewer than three bowel movements in one week.

It could be caused by not eating enough fibre, or by taking certain medications, the NHS said.

Constipation could be relieved by drinking plenty of fluids, and never ignoring the need to pass stools.