Weight loss plan: Doing THIS simple diet trick could help maximise fat burn as you SLEEP

Weight loss is likely to be on the minds of many Britons this January as New Year’s resolutions begin to come into effect.

In the UK 27 per cent of adults are obese, while 36 per cent are overweight, and carrying excess pounds puts you at risk of a reduced life expectancy.

But with the fashionable ketogenic, raw vegan and Pioppi diets all recently criticised by the British Dietetics Association, how are people meant to slim down successfully in 2018?

Counting calories is not the answer, according to scientists who have discovered a potentially much easier solution to slimming.

In findings presented to the annual Obesity Society Meeting in New Orleans in the United States in November, researchers revealed that eating earlier - or skipping dinner - could help weight loss.

Known as intermittent fasting - or time-restricted feeding - they suggested that eating within a smaller window of time during the day could help people trim down without having to watch calories.

Scientists discovered that overweight people who ate during the day and fasted during the evening had fewer hunger swings and greater fat burn at night.

The researchers discovered that people did not report being any more hungry than usual, despite going for a longer stretch without eating.

Researchers are not sure whether an increase in evening fat burn equates to an rise in overall fat burn, and further research will be required to confirm this.

However, previous studies investigating intermittent fasting conducted on rodents have shown that it can help aid weight loss. 

One of the most well-known examples of intermittent fasting is the 16:8 diet - where you eat within an eight-hour window and fast for 16 hours.

Last week it was reported that eating carbs could also help you slim down. 

In research published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, scientists revealed that consuming enough fibre - found in whole grains and vegetables - was as important as watching calories.

This goes against previous suggestions that eating low-carb diets, and fuelling up on fats and protein instead, is best for slimming down.

A nutritionist also recently revealed to Express.co.uk that best foods to aid weight loss.

Pippa Campbell revealed that dark chocolate, eggs and tinned sardines should all be on your new year shopping list.

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