Aussie flu: Has the deadly virus reached its peak? Nine signs and symptoms to watch for

According to Public Health Wales, new cases of Aussie flu have fallen in each of the past two weeks. 

But less than half of at risk patients - the over 65s, pregnant women, young kids and those with chronic conditions like diabetes, lung and heart disease - have been vaccinated. 

Dr Chris Williams, a consultant epidemiologist at Public Health Wales, told the BBC: “There’s still a lot of people who are going to get flu between now and the end of the flu season but you can still prevent the risk of getting it.” 

So what are the symptoms of Aussie flu and how can you get vaccinated? 

Flu vaccine 

The flu vaccination is offered free on the NHS to people who are: 

  • 65 or older
  • Pregnant
  • Suffering from a health condition such as severe asthma or diabetes (your doctor will confirm if you are eligible)
  • A carer for someone whose welfare is at risk if you are ill

If you don’t fall under those categories, you have to pay, but you can get them at your GP.

While the flu jab is recommended, some experts have revealed why it may not be as effective this year.