Chesty cough? This easy to make snack could get rid of your cough

Coughs don’t usually need to be seen by a GP, according to the NHS.

While a chesty cough can be annoying, it will usually go away by itself after three weeks.

If you have a cough, a pharmacist may be able to suggest treatments.

But, this simple, easy-to-make bone broth could help to get rid of a chesty cough, a nutritionist has claimed.

“The cure for a cough must treat the cause,” said nutritionist Dr Josh Axe.

“Natural cough remedies include eating cough-fighting foods, avoiding sugar, dairy and processed foods as well as adding the necessary nutrients and supplements, such as vitamin C, to your daily routine.

“Real bone broth helps thin mucus and soothe muscles.”

Bone broths are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, and boost healing, said the nutritionist.

You can make the broth by filling a large stock pot with bones, and covering them with water.

Add in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to help extract the nutrients.

Cook the broth slowly, for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, said the nutritionist.

Once cooked, a thin layer of fat will form on top. You can easily remove this layer before eating.

You could also help to get rid of a cough by taking vitamin C supplements, it’s been claimed.

About 1,000mg a day will help to boost white blood cell production and improve immune system function.

Liquorice supplements could also reduce coughing and boost the immune system.

You should see a GP if you’ve had a cough for more than three weeks, or you also have chest pain.