Diabetes type 2 - 88p a day natural supplements ’SLASHED’ woman’s high blood sugar

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that affects about 3.7 million people in the UK.

The condition is caused by the pancreas not producing enough of the hormone insulin, or the body not reacting to the hormone.

A lack of insulin lowers the amount of sugar that the body takes from the blood, leading to high blood sugar.

But, CuraLin supplements significantly lowered one patient’s blood sugar, it has been claimed.

Maureen Kersley, 72, was diagnosed with diabetes after a routine health check.

She was prescribed diabetes medication to bring her blood sugar down, but it caused unwanted side effects, Kersley said.

But, CuraLin supplements helped to reverse the condition, she added.

The supplements use all-natural ingredients, and are available from 88 pence a day.

“During a routine check with my GP, they uncovered that my HbA1c [glycated haemoglobin] was showing that I had diabetes, as it was well beyond the pre-diabetic level,” said Kersley.

“As soon as I was told, it felt like a death sentence as I know of all the symptoms it can lead to.

“I tried to manage my blood sugar levels with my diet alone; I generally eat well and don’t have a lot of sweet things but I still found it hard to keep my blood sugar levels down which made me nervous.

“I found Curalin on Facebook and it has changed my life already, in just a matter of weeks. I tried the first week trial pack and noticed almost straight away that my fasting blood sugar levels dropped from 8 or 9 down to 6.9.”

The dietary supplements, which aren’t a substitute for conventional treatment, combines traditional ingredients from across the world.

Ingredients include bitter melon, alma, turmeric, and fenugreek.

CuraLin presents an “amazing opportunity” to lower costs of managing diabetes on the NHS, said Kersley.

You could lower your risk of diabetes by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and by losing weight if you’re overweight.

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