Erectile dysfunction - a few portions a week of this £1.50 fruit could prevent impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that usually affects men over 40 years old, according to the NHS.

The condition, which is also known as impotence, describes a failure to maintain an erection.

It could be caused by stress, tiredness, some medications, or drinking too much alcohol.

But, you could lower your risk of erectile dysfunction by eating more strawberries, a nutritionist has claimed.

Eating more foods that are rich in flavonoids could prevent impotence, research has revealed.

Strawberries are packed full of flavonoids, and are the ideal food for lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Nutritionist Cassandra Burns said: “Exercising more and eating the right foods, such as strawberries can help to increase the blood flow, which can assist in combating against erectile dysfunction.”

The nutritionist’s comments came after a study revealed the link between flavonoids and erectile dysfunction. It claimed the foods, combined with exercise, could lower the risk of the condition by as much as 10 per cent.

Researcher Aedin Cassidy, from the University of East Anglia, said: “Flavonoids are present in many plant-based foods and drinks including fruits, vegetables, tea, herbs and wine.

“Men who regularly consumed foods high in these flavonoids were 10 per cent less likely to suffer erectile dysfunction.

“In terms of quantities, we’re talking just a few portions a week.”

You could also lower your risk of impotence by cutting out smoking, or by losing weight.

You should see a GP if you have long-term problems with erectile dysfunction, as it could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

The doctor will carry out basic health checks, and while examine the genitals to rule out any physical cause of impotence, said the NHS.

The condition may be caused by a narrowing of blood vessels in the penis, or by high blood pressure.

About one in 10 men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.