Lyme disease: Tick bite bacterial infection treated by eating these foods everyday

You could naturally get rid of the bacterial infection by changing your diet, according to a nutritionist.

“The best way to overcome chronic Lyme disease is by naturally boosting your immune system, lowering inflammation and managing the root causes of your symptoms,” said Dr Josh Axe.

“Your body can overcome Lyme disease for good only once you control the inflammatory responses it’s triggering.

“My basic dietary advice for anyone struggling with an inflammatory condition is to try removing grains, fruit and sugar from your diet.”

Patients should eat antioxidant-rich foods, including fruit and vegetables, said the nutritionist.

Antioxidants help to control free radical damage and inflammation, and lower the risk of Lyme disease complications, said Axe.

Probiotics could reduce infectious disease progression and symptoms, he added.

Kefir, amasai and yogurt are all rich in probiotics. Raw goat’s milk yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics.

Not all tick bites lead to Lyme disease - the tick has to be infected with the disease prior to biting the human.

If you become infected with the bacteria, a two to three-week course of antibiotics could be prescribed, the NHS said.

Patients with severe symptoms may be referred to hospital.

On very rare occasions, Lyme disease can lead to long-term symptoms, including tiredness, aches and fatigue.