This Morning’s Dr Ranj: Foot pain could be a sign of reactive arthritis - what is it?

Reactive arthritis could be caused by an initial infection, said This Morning’s Dr Ranj.

The condition causes redness and swelling in various parts of the body.

A patient was admitted to hospital after developing a high fever, and woke up in the middle of the night “screaming in agony”. He was hot to touch, his toes were turning blue, and by the time he reached hospital, he was covered in spots.

Dr Ranj suggested the condition could be caused by reactive arthritis, after doctors couldn’t find any initial infection.

“It makes me think of two things,” said Dr Ranj. “When you’ve got a fever, a rash and changes affecting your limbs, it’s either going to be a response to an infection, and you can get reactive arthritis, which is foot swelling, and the skin peeling can sometimes happen with infections.

“Or, it’s an inflammatory condition, so this might not be infection related at all, but there might be an underling arthritis.

“It sounds like he’s gone to hospital, he’s been tested which would’ve included looking for signs of infection. 

“If he’s got ongoing symptoms, then they should definitely look into inflammatory causes, like arthritis.”

Unexplained foot pain could be a sign of arthritis, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Nerve pain in the feet could result in intense burning pain, numbness or a tingling sensation, it said.

Other causes of foot pain include a broken toe, ingrown toenails, gout, bunions, achilles tendinitis and Raynaud’s syndrome.

You should seek immediate medical help if you suffer from severe pain or swelling. If there are signs of infection, or you’re unable to walk on your foot, you should also see a GP.