UK weather WARNING: ‘Beast from the East’ may cause heart attacks - how to avoid condition

Heavy snow and blizzards could be a result of the forecasted freezing temperatures in the UK this week.

A flurry of snow could cause major disruptions for travellers, warned BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood, as frost and ice sweeps the country.

But, some health conditions could be triggered by cold temperatures, the NHS warned.

Deadly heart attacks could be caused by the freezing temperatures, it said.

“Heart attacks are more common in winter,” the NHS said.

“This may be because cold weather increases blood pressure and puts more strain on the heart.

“Your heart also has to work harder to maintain body heat when it's cold.”

The public have been warned to stay warm in their homes as temperatures drop below 0°C (32°F).

The best way to prevent heart attacks during the cold weather is to make sure your home is heated to at least 18°C (64°F), the NHS said.

“Use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to keep warm in bed,” it said.

“Wrap up warm when you go out and wear a hat, scarf and gloves.”

Keeping warm could also prevent Raynaud’s phenomenon and flu.

Heart attacks are a serious medical condition, where the supply of blood to the heart is blocked.

Symptoms of a heart attack include shortness of breath, chest pain and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

You can lower your risk of the condition by losing weight if you’re overweight, or by regularly exercising.

Adults should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week.