UK weather WARNING: Snow and freezing temperatures could trigger this painful condition

Temperatures in Britain have taken a sharp dip today and officials have warned the elderly and those with health conditions take extra care.

The outlook for the weather this week shows temperatures struggle to get above freezing as bone-chilling winds sweep in from the Russian Arctic.

While many will be excited over snowfall in parts of Britain, the cold blast could cause people with arthritis to feel as if their joints are more painful and stiff.

There’s no evidence that changes in the weather causes joint damage, but the NHS offers one explanation and a top tip to avoid such a feeling.

The health body says: “Many people get a little depressed during the winter months, and this can make them perceive pain more acutely.

“Everything feels worse, including medical conditions.”

Daily exercise can boost a person’s mental and physical state.

Swimming is ideal as it’s easy on the joints.

Freezing temperatures could also triggers symptoms of Raynaud’s disease in some people.

This is a common condition that makes your fingers and toes change colour and become very painful in cold weather.

The NHS explains on its Choices website: “Fingers can go white, then blue, then red, and throb and tingle. The small blood vessels of the hands and feet go into spasm, temporarily reducing blood flow to your hands and feet.”

How can you prevent it?